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Posted on February 04, 2016 by Ned Feehally

Last year we totally surprised ourselves - we ran a footless comp and somehow it worked. It actually worked so well that we felt like we had to run another one this year. The Climbing Works were keen to host it and a whole load of amazing handhold companies got on board to provide a great mix of interesting and unique holds. After a bit of planning, carving wooden holds, building bizarre obstacles, setting bizzare boulder problems and generally messing about we were ready to go.

75 ‘climbers’ and about 300 spectators piled into The Works to pull, push, dangle, drink and heckle. The atmosphere was great, and gave us faith that the climbing world definitely still has a sense of humour. 

After two and a half hours of footless antics covering the whole spectrum of climbing maneuvers (from dragging yourself up a slab to leaping wildly between jugs) and forearm wrecking dead hangs the climbers were done. We set the comp a little harder this year and were amazed just how strong everybody is!


However, we weren’t done yet! Just to make sure tendonitis was fully set in, it was time for the piece de resistance. The cherry on the cake. The evening’s climax. It was time for the Spitroast Deadhang Final.  This head-to-head-dead-hang challenge was a little safer than last year’s Deadhang Death Match, and a little more refined, but equally as hilarious. Especially when the baying mob of spectators were armed with stress-ball-projectiles and invited to launch them at the precariously pendulous competitors.


After the pandemonium subsided we were left with our winners. Molly Thompson-Smith took the women’s title, while Jim Pope took the men’s. It’s great to see the youth looking so strong. And come to think of it, everybody else.

However as well as the overall winners, a huge pat on the back goes to:

Pete Whittaker and Tom Randal - the minions. Totally amazing to see how strong they were while dressed in 8ft balloons

Janja Garnbret for the strongest display of crimp strength you could ever see

Matt Cousins for his exemplary deadhanging skills

Louis Parkinson for smashing the hardest boulder problem in fine style

Emma Flaharty/Banks for gaining the most bonus point stickers with her incessant sweet talking of the judges. 

Finally a massive thanks has to go to all those who helped and supported us with setting up, running and dealing with the aftermath of the event. Especially the companies who provided us with all the excellent handholds: Atomik, Core, Enigma Volumes, Flathold, Teknik, Wataaah and 360 holds.

Also those who helped out with goodies for the crowd/donations to CAC: Red Bull, 5.10,  Organic, Friction Labs and Wild Country.

And the Climbing Works for being so supportive of our whimsical plans for elbow inhalation...  

The whole point of the event was to raise money for Climbers Against Cancer. This side of things was a huge success, we raised nearly £2000! Thanks everyone for helping.

Keep your eyes peeled for a video of the comp. See you all next year!


The top 8 from the qualifiers went through to the Spitroast Deadhang Final. This was a knock out comp, with a head to head dangle off to decide the winners. The results of the final are as follows:

1st   Molly Thompson-Smith

2nd  Janja Garnbret

3rd  Jen Wood



1st  Jim Pope

2nd Nathan Phillips

3rd  Matt Cousins


The results below are from the qualifying round:


Jaja Garnbret 601
Melissa Le Neve 500
Jen Wood 464
Mechaela Tracey 463
Molly Thompson-Smith 462
Jo Allen 350
Emma F 317
Gracie Martin 313
Sarah Pashley 277
Ellie 229
Alice H 194
Zofia Reych 176


Matt Cousins 512
Louis Parkinson 498.2
Jim Pope 460.2
Domen Skofic 447
Aiden Roberts 442
Dave Barrans 435.6
Nathan Phillips 432.9
Dom Wragg 416
Jonny Kidd 370.12
Myles Crossley 365
Big Jack Ainscough 364
James Nobel 352
Ash Wolsey-Heard 340.6
Joe Wilson 340.19
Jose Fernandez 320
Euan McFayden 309
Tom Green 302.4
Gorilla Sam! 295
Sam 277.2
Ms Joe Swales 276.3
Jez Auditore 242.6
Bily Ridal 235.12
Joe Heely 231.2
James Mcilveen 221.4
Dawid Skoczylas 221
William Smith 220.6
Dan Turner 215
Hura Ciprian 207.7
Niels Pampus 158.8
Jessie Nutt 142.06
Joe Harding 131.9
Adam Fidler 114.7
Toby Chan 94
Haziq Ghafoor 90.2
Jevdet Ahmet 80
Aaron Bosley 72
Seb Smith 42
Kenny Geoghegan 30
Isaac Cumbers 25
Dan Watson 19
Pete Hamlin 5.1



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