BIFF 2018

Thanks so much to everyone who turned up to watch, "compete" or help out. The BIFF was a massive success again this year. You can watch the replay of the livestream here for a glimpse of the chaos that occurred...



We really stepped it up with the difficulty and the challenges this year. The strength of people these days is incredible. It's been interesting to see how this has developed over the last 4 years of running the comp. The average level seems to have shot up. It's great to see. 

Below are the results of the first part of the comp. You'll have to watch the final to find out more...

Well done everyone who took part. I hope your poor elbows have recovered!


Female Scores

1 Sister Whittaker (perhaps a slightly suspect entrant to the female category!)
3 Hannah Slaney
4 Jen Wood
5 Gracie Martin
6 Belinda Fuller
7 Rachel Carr
8 Jo Neeme
9 Eugenie Lee
10 Yasmin Roberts
11 Sarah Pashley
12 Ellie Cox
13 Dawn Hou
14 Susann Hansch
16 Cat Downy
17 Sidonee Graham
15 Jo Allen
18 Joren Van Den Bergh
19 Miriam Dobson 


Male Scores

1 Aiden Roberts
2 Jonny Kydd
3 Alex Megos
4 Jim Pope
5 Jan Hojer
6 Sam Prior
7 Louis Parkinson
8 Max Ayrton
9 Dave Barrons
10 Billy Ridal
11 James Noble
12 Graham Giles
13 Nathan Whasey
14 Luke Murphy
15 Jack Ramsden
16 Michelle Caminati
17 Jez Etherton
18 Joe Swaleo
19 Ash Wolsey Heard
20 Hulk
21 Tom Green
22 Sammy Clarkes
23 David Taylor
24 Baeel Wrightley
25 Jamie Rankin
26 Sam Platt
26 Jack Ainscough
28 Alex Prescott
29 Tim Blake
29 Phillip Mitchell
31 Christian Turner
32 Francisco De Santiago
33 Mathew Phillips
34 Max Ayrton