Machined Holds

We have been tinkering in the workshop. As a result we have the worlds highest quality wooden holds. Our wildest imaginations have created, some err... very basic shapes for you to climb on. Basic is good with wood. We have gone for basic with a hint of complexity. Our holds are smooth but grippy. Hard to hold yet can be held for hours. In effect we think we've made some of the kindest holds ever. Holds which'd be impossible to make multiples of by hand. You can't pour wood into a mould and as such these holds all have to be released from the wood they're buried in. What you end up with looks more like sculptures than holds. If you like wood and you like training on problems you can do no better than these. The price reflects the quality of the product.

Beefy Pinch

from £23.00


from £20.00
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