Campus Rung - Small

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These campus rungs are designed to be HARD! They are small (15mm deep) and flat, with a comfy radius. Made of beech these have the prefect texture - smooth, without feeling glassy and slippery. Beech is a fairly hard wood so endless brushing over the years won't effect the texture of the finish.

Most standard campus rungs are pretty positive, meaning that if you can get your hand to it you'll probably hold on, no matter how wildly you are flailing or how fast you are moving. These small rungs are designed to be hard to hold. If you are moving too wildly or fast, you'll be off! Don't expect to be busting out 1-5-9 on these bad boys - you'll have to concentrate on doing smaller moves (so might not be able to show off to your mates quite as well) but as a result you will make bigger gains in finger strength, contact strength and body tension.

Why train big moves on big holds when rock climbing is so often about small moves on small holds?!

These rungs can also be mounted as part of a fingerboard set up if you like to have a bit of variation in your holds.

40cm long.

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