Wooden climbing holds, symmetrical pinch pair
Wooden beastmaker climbing hold, swoop rail
Climbing hold, wood, pinch
Wooden rock climbing hold, juggish
Wooden climbing hold, chunky leafy crimp
Classic crimp, wood, climbing hold
Button pinch, wooden climbing hold
Pop rod, wooden climbing hold, smooth crimp
Classic Holds

Classic Holds

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Classic board holds are standardised so people know exactly what they are getting. More shapes to follow.

Classic Crimp:

Sycamore. 25mm deep 25˚incut 120mm wide

Classic Pinch:

Tulipwood. 155mm long, 80mm wide and 47mm deep

Chunky Leafy Crimp:

Sycamore. 20mm deep, 30˚ incut, (3/4 pad). Really classic crimp shape  that will be useable for most 6c upwards climbers on 45˚ boards. Easier at lesser angles and harder on steeper. Symmetrical

Sym Pinch Pair:

Beech. 36mm deep, 140mm long, 95mm wide. 10˚ incut. Symmetrical



Kinda Juggy kinda thuggish. 200mm diameter, 50mm deep. 20˚ incut. Two handed hold. Pretty juggy on all boards but will get burly on angles >45˚

Swoop Rail:

A custom Moulded crimp rail which creates a good foot but lovely straight flat crimp on a 45˚ with a slight thumb. 130mm wide. 50mm deep.


Pop Rod:

This little 110mm space filler has a lovely custom swoop built in to give a different feel to our other crimps, more of a catch hold with a comfy high crimp angle pulling into the front of the hold

Button Pinch

A lovely small (80mmX40mm) incut pinch that can nestle in anywhere on a board.

Apex Pinch: A helpful double incut tapered pinch. 57mm deep. The most positive pinch we do.

All the holds are designed for boards between 10 and 60 degrees (depending how much squeeze your forearms have).

All are designed to be used in any orientation and to be used to set creative, testing skin friendly board problems

They can be used on foothold only boards and on feet follow boards as their curved nature eliminates potential for damaging the wood from kicks when cutting loose and coming in heavy with your hoof. 

No compromise has been given on the shaping or the sanding. We pride ourself in our standards of product and have a satisfaction guarantee in place. All holds can be symmetrical and should be accurate to 1mm tolerance. We will happily swap your holds out if you feel they are wrong for your board/ not what you ordered.

Screws are not included. Handmade in the UK



Wood treated with respect and used for its natural training benefits. Ergonomics and hold types selected from the cutting edge right back to help those just entering the sport to see a progression path.

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