Hold Sets.

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Designed for boards between 10 and 60 degrees (depending how much squeeze your forearms have).

Leafy crimps are designed to be used in any orientation but will be hard undercuts and all but the strongest will struggle to get them from below on board angles of 40˚ or more.

Board Pinches will be the squeeziest holds on your board, they are designed to be used in any orientation and thanks to the thumb element they can be used on any angle. They come in a slight variation of widths and sizes.

Board Jugs will be the best holds on your board! Whether you're doing wide powerful moves or warming up. They also make great undercuts for pulling into from below.

 They can be used on foothold boards and on feet follow boards as their curved nature eliminates potential for damaging the wood from kicks when cutting loose and coming in heavy with your hoof. 

Please note the pictures are example sets. What you will receive will be very similar as each hold is hand made and unique.

No compromise has been given on the shaping or the sanding. We pride ourself in our standards of product and have a satisfaction guarantee in place. We will happily swap your holds out if you feel they are wrong for your board/ not what you ordered.

Handmade in the UK


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