Hand Holds

Hand Holds

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Wooden Handholds! These are great for boards between 30 and 60 degrees (depending how big your forearms are), being generally quite positive, with smooth curves and large radii for maximum comfort. 

We don't have a huge number as we only make a few at a time when we can fit it in so if you see something you like get it ordered before someone else gets their chalky mitts on 'em...

These will be the best holds on your board! We advise against using wooden handholds for your feet. Not only will the holds get covered in rubber, but scraping your feet about on them can damage the wood. Ideally your board set up will have specific footholds (and maybe a couple of different sizes if you're really keen) rather than feet following hands. This as a good way to train as it forces you to use poor footholds, which puts more load through the fingers and arms, and makes your core work harder.

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