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Kind of juggy, kind of egg shaped...

These blobby, bolt on holds are multipurpose:

- Mount a couple either side of your fingerboard to give you a lovely set of sloping jugs

- Spin them round to make various types of horrendous slopers/pinches

- Stick a couple of lines of them up a campus board for some lovely not-too-juggy campussing exercises

- Use them on a board as input/sloping blob holds - which will vary depending on your board. We have used them on boards up to 55degrees.

These are CNC machined for a perfect finish. 

Our aluminium bolt insert will accept cap head and countersunk M10 bolts, both of which will sit totally flush to the holds surface - they won't stick out and jab your hand, and they won't sit in a recess, spoiling the clean lines of your holds! These holds will also work perfectly with 3/8 inch bolts for our American friends.

Save 10% if bought in a pair.


Wood treated with respect and used for its natural training benefits. Ergonomics and hold types selected from the cutting edge right back to help those just entering the sport to see a progression path.

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