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Kind of juggy, Kind of egg shaped...

These blobby bolt on holds are multi purpose:

- Mount a couple either side of your fingerboard to give you a lovely set of sloping jugs

- Spin them round to make various types of horrendous slopers/pinches

- Stick a couple of lines of them up a campus board for some lovely not-too-juggy campussing exercises

- Use them on a board as input/sloping blob holds - which will vary depending on your board. We have used them on boards up to 55degrees.

These are CNC machined for a perfect finish. 

Our aluminium bolt insert will accept cap head and countersunk M10 bolts, both of which will sit totally flush to the holds surface - they won't stick out and jab your hand, and they won't sit in a recess, spoiling the clean lines of your holds! These holds will also work perfectly with 3/8 inch bolts for our American friends.

Save 10% if bought in a pair.

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