Customs & tax information for online orders



Our prices include UK taxes for UK and EU customers. The importer (the person who buys goods from a foreign country) is responsible for the payment of import taxes and customs duties in their own country when ordering from outside the EU. Each country has its own regulations, so it is important to familiarise yourself with them. 

We have included the information for the countries we regularly ship to, but this information is for guidance only, please refer to your local tax collecting authority for up to date rates. 

We ship with UPS and they act as brokers for shipments requiring clearance, however they will often charge the consignee (the recipient) for their service and their charges will be added on top of the tax and duty. 



Shipments under 800 USD/585 GBP don’t have to pay customs duties or taxes. Training equipment shipments over that have a duty rate of 4.6%. 

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Goods and Service Tax is payable for most items imported to Canada. It is 5% - 13% depending where you are located.

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As an importer you become liable to Customs and Excise Duty as well as Value Added Tax (VAT) payments. Customs Duty is not due for goods with value less than 150 EUR/ 130 GBP. National VAT is due for all the shipments and fees related to the customs clearance (vary on entry) are added to the bill.

Basic UPS fees you might have to pay:

  • There is an entry fee, around 6 EUR, in most EU countries
  • If UPS has to pay fees to your government prior to releasing and delivering the item, they charge an extra 12-16 EUR
  • If you don’t pay the fees online (through the tracking link) and UPS has to collect the fees at the door, there might be extra charges up to 24 EUR

    Within these past few weeks the total charges have been generally 15 EUR – 40 EUR (Updated 18/1/21).

    Country specific VAT rates

    More information for EU

    More information for each country

    Hong Kong

    All non-document shipments may be assessed duty or tax or both regardless of the shipment value.

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    A consignment of goods with a total value of up to 75 USD/ 55 GBP is exempt from import taxes.

    ​A shipment with a total value of 75 USD/55 GBP to 500 USD/367 GBP is exempt from customs duties but subject to payment of VAT and purchase tax. UPS charges brokerage/customs clearance fees in Israel and they can be around 20 USD/14 GBP.

    We need the recipient’s VAT/ID number if the shipment is over 100 USD/72 GBP.

    More information about import fees and customs

    Information about UPS charges (refer to section about import charges)


    Shipments over 30 USD/21 GBP are subject to tax and duty.


    Goods imported into Japan are subject to Customs duty and  Consumption Tax. In most cases, when the value of the shipment is equal to or less than the Deminimis Value (10000.00 JPY/ 70 GBP) the shipment may enter the country or territory duty and tax free. 

    More information here and here



    Taxes and duties for shipments over 50 USD/36 GBP. VAT is generally 16%. 



    VAT (currently 25%) is payable for all imports. 

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    Saudi Arabia

    Shipments under 266.00 USD/195 GBP may enter duty and tax free.
    Above 266.00 USD/195GBP Duty of 5% to 15% + VAT is charged.

    South Africa

    Import goods with a value up to 500 ZAR/23 GBP are exempt of duty and VAT. 

    Duty and VAT are payable for everything exceeding the Deminimis Value (500 ZAR/23 GBP). The VAT is currently 15%

    We need your South African ID or SARS Tax Reference number prior to the shipment in order to avoid delays and further costs.

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    South Korea

    Deminimis value is 150.00 USD/109 GBP. We need the consignee's (recipient’s) Tax ID. The address and name must be complete, written in western alphabets, and phone number included. Missing address information can cause delays or extra charges.

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    Consignments from abroad are generally subject to customs duty and VAT.  Consignments to and from foreign countries are considered to be commercial goods – there is NO tax-free limit of CHF 300. Normal VAT rate is 7.7%

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    Domestic shipping – no customs or extra costs. Taxes are included in the price.