deluxe holds

These holds are designed to be a pleasure to pull on while being challenging in all the right areas to encourage strength gains. They also look beautiful. 

We have spent time working on a novel design and manufacturing process which allows us to sculpt holds with our hands before turning those ideas into wood using our CNC machines. This allows us to really feel what's going on with the holds and lets us tweak them minutely until they are just right. We find this element of human touch lets us produce much more ergonomic holds than we could by simply modelling them in 3d on a computer.

As such we have been able to create beautifully flowing, ergonomic shapes out of wood which also function perfectly as handholds. 

We try to keep the hold profiles low and smooth. Partly because it makes them look great, but also to minimise the potential for whacking your knuckles/elbows while moving between holds on the board. 

Each hold shape comes as a mirrored pair, or the holds themselves are symmetrical. This means that the holds can all be arranged symmetrically on a board. But they will be just as happy on non symmetrical climbs. It's up to you. 

Each hold is CNC machined out of solid hardwood with brass inserts to protect the screw holes. 

We are so proud of these and we know you'll love them too. We are constantly adding to the range of holds so keep an eye out for new shapes!