Powerline hold sets
Powerline hold sets

Powerline hold sets

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This range of wooden climbing holds is designed to be a testing set for climbers in the pursuit of excellence and with difficulty considered. They will be testing on steep boards and better suited to climbers operating in the font 7's and v7 up range. That said their shapes will suit easier climbs on boards less than 30˚ overhanging.

Backing Card is 60cm X43cm for scale

Showpiece pinches: These are an XL testing set of super ergonomic hard pinches. The hourglass centrepiece pinches are 5˚ negative tapered on both sides. True vice grippers should be able to squash them into submission. The tapered pinches feature an offset of slope and slight incut to bring the knuckles up whilst really pushing onto the thumb muscle.


Wood treated with respect and used for its natural training benefits. Ergonomics and hold types selected from the cutting edge right back to help those just entering the sport to see a progression path.

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