Wooden climbing holds for training
 beastmaker wooden training board
climbing training board with wooden holds
climbing training board with wooden holds
Shauna Coxsey on beastmaker board
Shauna Coxsey climbing on a woody
beastmaker wooden motherboard
symmetrical wooden climbing holds, pinches
wooden climbing holds by beastmaker
bespoke wooden climbing hold mix

Whole board sets

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NOTE: it takes about 3 weeks for us to complete a board order just now, so the delivery takes a bit longer than other beastmaker orders. 


We take pride in making boards which are unique to the customers needs. We appreciate that some climbers may wish to have their own unique set up to cater for their specific goals, weaknesses and rock types, sometimes it's nice just to know you have your own board that is perfect for you.

We make full boards and lite boards, both can be made with symmetrical holds or non-symmetrical unique holds.


Full board

130 handmade wooden climbing holds and 25 wooden dome footholds. Holds are screw ons but screws are not included

Lite board:

65 handmade wooden climbing holds and 13 wooden dome footholds. Holds are screw ons but screws are not included.

Symmetrical boards:

These are a fantastic mix of the systems approach to training, yet with enough creativity to stop it feeling like work. Our symmetrical boards offer a varied mix of hold styles to try and pump the board full of mirrored variety. It is up to you whether you want it to be feet follow or whether to use footholds, you can easily do both if the board is for home use.

Unique boards

These non-symmetrical boards have a slightly higher creativity value and uniqueness of movement thanks to 50% more of the holds being unique than the symmetrical boards. You lose the ability to make a mirror image of the problem but a good feet follow non symmetrical board can be great for bizarre hold combinations and flowing moves.


An average make up of a full 45˚ sym board would be: 

4 showpiece holds, 6 centerline holds, 8 jugs, 20 medges, 30 crimps, 28 pinches, 10 undercuts, 18 board slopers, 2 XL slopers, 4 CNC pockets or CNC jugs depending on the grade.




We have been making wooden holds for walls for over a decade now and have made hold sets for all the major angles of training board. When we make a full board we need to get information from the customer as follows.

Angle: E.G. 45˚
Rough grade range: E.G. font 6C (V4) to font 7B+ (V9)
Any specific style:  E.G. Circuits, really burly, really crimpy. 


Please do answer the above and leave a note it in the "order note" box in the cart before you check out. That way we can choose the hold types most suited to those angles and the desired difficulty.

If you have any questions about hold orders or board sets, feel free to drop us an email at team@beastmaker.co.uk


Wood treated with respect and used for its natural training benefits. Ergonomics and hold types selected from the cutting edge right back to help those just entering the sport to see a progression path.